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Unfortunately eye injuries in the workplace are not a rare occurrence. According to the Canadian National Institute for the Blind, eye injuries are happening to Canadians at a rate of about 700 injuries per day.

What is more is that nearly all workplace eye injuries could be prevented if eye protection, and importantly, if proper eye protection were worn. If a worker has to layer safety glasses over their existing glasses, or doesn’t have safety glasses that feel and look good on because the safety glasses haven’t been individually fit to their face shape and size by a qualified professional, then the worker is not going to be inclined to wear their protective safety glasses and to keep the safety glasses on at all times.

20/20 Eye Care is a participating provider with the Manitoba Association of Optometrists (MAO) Occupational Vision Care Program (OVC) where we recommend, dispense, and fit superior quality prescription safety eyewear to Manitoba workers, as well as providing comprehensive eye health and vision examinations. All materials including lenses, coatings and frames meet or exceed the Canadian Safety Standard.

To try on and learn more about safety glasses, come in and see us today. If you are an employee or employer and want more information for your workplace regarding the MAO’s Occupational Vision Care Program (OVC), please contact Gordon Doran, Program Manager with the Manitoba Association of Optometrists, at 204-943-9811,