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UPDATE: The auction is live now for our donated set of 'His and Hers' Fossil sunglasses - 17/07/2020! Don't miss out!

20/20 Eye care is proud to be a part of Shades in Support of the Misericordia Health Centre fundraising event!

Last week the MHC launched something new! An online auction began in support of the Misericordia Health Centre, organized by Tracey Code, MHC Foundation Board member.

Just in time for summer, protect your peepers from UV rays in style. Stay tuned to their Instagram page and stories for your chance to bid on some of these gorgeous sunnies. Instagram link:

The Misericordia Health Centre Foundation established in 1983 has supported the MisericordiaHealth Centre in meeting the changing health care needs of Manitobans. To make a donation: