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 A partial solar eclipse will occur on April 8, 2024 (beginning at 12:54 pm, Maximum at 2:01 pm, ending at 3:08 pm)

Residents of Manitoba will see a .62 solar eclipse, other areas across the United States and eastern Canada will witness an extremely rare total solar eclipse.
REMEMBER: IT IS NEVER SAFE AT ANY TIME TO LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SUN. Sunglasses do not provide enough protection to view the eclipse at any time.

To protect our patients from potential eye damage 20/20 Eye Care is providing free eclipse glasses to be worn throughout the event. Stop by the clinic today to pick up a pair (while supplies last | max. 2 per family).

To safely view the eclipse:

•  As Manitoba will not experience a total eclipse, there will be no time when it is safe to view the eclipse without eclipse glasses.

•  Before the eclipse, check your eclipse glasses carefully. If they are scratched or damaged, they are no longer safe to use.

•  Before looking up at the sun, put on your eclipse shades and don't remove them until after
you've looked away.

•  Children should be supervised while using eclipse glasses to make sure they are not scratched or damaged, worn correctly, and worn at all times while viewing the sun and partially-eclipsed sun.