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If they aren’t on your face, putting them in the case is the best motto for keeping your glasses clean and safe.

When we leave our glasses out on the counter or table top they may accidentally get bumped off and damaged, children or pets may get a hold of them, all of which can damage the lens and frames themselves.  Here are some helpful tips to cleaning and maintaining your glasses.


Helpful tips to keep your glasses clean

1)      Never use a cloth on your lens without spraying it with lens cleaner or water first.

2)      Wipe your lenses with a clean, lint free cloth. Avoid using your shirt, Kleenex, paper towel or a towel washed with fabric softener. This could cause scratches on the surface of the lens.

3)      Use water and clear dish soap or lens cleaner only. Soaps with moisturizers and citrus in them can break down the coatings and leave a streaky film over the lens.

4)      Use a recommended lens cleaner like PEEPS.

5)      Use a soft bristle toothbrush such as an infant’s toothbrush for cleaning around the nose pads and temples.


Helpful hints to keep your glasses in best condition

1.)    Store your glasses in their case when not wearing them.

2.)    Take glasses off and put them on with two hands. Avoid pulling off towards one side. This puts extra pressure and strain on the one side causing the barrel or hinge to weaken over time.

3.)    Never leave your glasses with the lenses face down on a surface. In the event you don’t have a case, ensure your lenses are positioned up.

4.)    Don’t expose your lens to excess heat such as on a car dashboard.

5.)    Avoid putting your sunglasses or readers on top of your head. This will put unwanted stress on the hinges of your frames, causing them to stretch overtime.

6.)    Always take your glasses to an eye care professional for adjustments and repairs.


Fit adjustments with the 20/20 Eye Care team are always free for the lifetime of your eyewear.