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Children are amazing. Everyday these fearless kids are learning, trying, doing something that they have never before known, tried, done. db4k wants to ensure that they are seeing this wondrous world as clearly they can.

Created to be a reflection of a child’s taste and personality, this collection was designed to grow with them and their ever-changing interests. It’s a collection that appeals to kids and parents alike. These are the glasses that you wish you had when you were a kid.

There is nothing too precious, too cutesy, or too babyish about db4k. These styles are fun, playful, imaginative, even a little sophisticated. They’re for the cool kids.

Now, we know that all the trendy shapes, vivid colors, and fun, graphic embellishments are not enough. db4kboasts offers all the latest technology including lightweight materials, spring hinges, adjustable nosepads, and soft, flexible cable temples to provide comfortable, all-day wear. Because no matter how awesome the glasses look, children won’t wear them if they hurt.